Ms. Shelly

Lead Teacher, PreschoolI was born and reared in Ruston, La. Attended Ruston High School and went on to Tech majoring in early childhood education. After a couple of years I felt like I needed to spread my wings and travel. I moved to Raleigh, NC to pursue my Montessori teacher training. After a year there I spent some time traveling and exploring our beautiful country coast to coast taking in all its wonders along the way, stopping at Anderson Ranch to explore my passion in art. I eventually returned home and graduated from Tech with a Bachlors in Fine Arts, in 2002. After that my mother and I, studied at the "Finishing School" in New York and later teamed up to become "Great Walls Artistic and Decorative Painting" which took us to schools around the country and homes all over north LA. When my first child started Montessori in 2009 I remembered all the reasons I was drawn to Montessori and its philosophy in the first place. It feels like I have rekindled a spirit inside of me that was lost along the way! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about revisiting this wonderful chapter in my life!