Ms. Christiane

I was born in Northern Germany, and spent my childhood and most of my adult life there. I always had a thing for art and writing but did not see a realistic path for me in this field. I tried to be hired as a goldsmith apprentice or at least to work in a dental lab but ended up with a very unfulfilling first professional career in banking (1983-1990).  I went back to school to earn my Masters in sociology and German literature, and also took a few arts classes in sculpture (1990-1997). Afterwards, I worked as a writer and editor for a special magazine (1999-2001) where I enjoyed practicing my writing skills. In 2001, I moved with my (German) husband to Chicago, Illinois. There I worked further on my writing and also restarted doing my artwork, predominantly based on German storytelling themes.

Besides art and writing, I have also enjoyed teaching in various scenarios. During my years as a university graduate student, I taught an undergraduate class in theoretical sociology. Also, I was tutor to several elementary and high school students and helped them improve their overall school performance. After having received my degree, I was hired by a federal agency to teach a class for long-term unemployed people and to help them reenter work life. 

In 2007, we relocated to Ruston, Louisiana. I stayed at home with my two preschool children (now four and six years old) for several years and enjoyed having a little bit of time here and there to work on my own art projects. In 2010, I started teaching small art classes at the Creative Journey Studio in Ruston, and worked with children between six and nine years of age. In March 2013, I opened my own studio (Brush Hour), to offer art classes for children and grown-ups.

In April 2013, I also started teaching art classes to the children at the Montessori School of Ruston from grade 1 to 8, and I have been very thrilled about this wonderful opportunity. After a series of 3-D projects as well as color studies, I have been preparing for many projects that will challenge and hopefully excite the students, including carving, sculpting, weaving, painting with various media, traditional art forms of other cultures, as well as upcycling projects. By doing so, the students will learn about significant artists, about styles and techniques, symbols and meanings, relevance and functions of artworks. On this basis, I would like to see the students develop their own ideas, question art concepts, and find out what makes art art.