Tuition and Fees

A Montessori Education is Priceless

But here's what you need to plan your budget.
At Montessori School of Ruston, we believe that education is the greatest investment a parent can make in a child's future. We strive to make tuition levels accessible, affordable, and within the range of the average Ruston family's budget. You may access our current 2022-23 tuition rates in the table below.

Our tuition is at the median of comparable private schools in the area. We cost much less than the $12,000 per pupil rate spent on students by Lincoln parish. In fact, MSR's cost is set at less than the minimum level required to meet all of the school’s necessary current operating expenses. MSR relies on fundraisers, grants and donations to cover our operational deficit each year. Successful fundraisers and generous donations are integral to keeping tuition levels stable. Growth of the school, such as adding new facilities or new playground equipment, is also funded through fundraisers and parent donations.

We offer several payment plan options, including monthly, semi-annual, and annual, and we apply a progressive tuition reduction for second, third, and fourth siblings' tuitions. These discounts and convenient payment plans may add to or reduce the baseline tuition for your student, but the table below should give you a rough idea of MSR's fees for budgeting purposes.

Class Full Day Half-Day
Toddler $6,650 $4,650
Early Childhood $6,650 $4,650
Lower Elementary $6,650 n/a
Upper Elementary $6,650 n/a

We do require a non-refundable registration fee, upon acceptance, to hold the student's space at MSR. Upon signing an enrollment contract, parents assume responsibility for payment of the full year's tuition, regardless of the type of payment schedule selected. MSR does purchase tuition insurance for all students to assist families in the case of withdrawal or dismissal.

Enrollment, Tuition, and Fees

We process all enrollment contracts online. During enrollment (starting the end of February and continuing into the first week of March), MSR will send an email requesting that parents complete the electronic contract. Parents will also be asked to provide emergency contacts and mark releases/permissions for their child(ren).

Tuition payments are automatically deducted (ACH) from a parent's checking or savings account. Parents may choose to pay annually in one lump sum (due July 1st); the $100 tuition deposit is deducted from the total tuition for parents who choose this option. 10- and 12-month payment plans are also available, with a a service fee of $15 per month. After the tuition deposit is deducted from total tuition, the remaining balance is divided into 10 or 12 payments, due on the 1st of each month. There is a late fee of 1.5% per month added to accounts 30 days or more overdue.  Families choosing the monthly payment plans are required to purchase Tuition Refund Insurance, which is an additional charge of 2% of the cost of tuition. This insurance is optional for families who choose a one-payment plan.

Fees include a $50 new student application fee, a $300 new student registration fee, a $250 parent-school partnership fee (paid over the course of the year via 20 volunteer hours worth $12.50 each; anyone who has not completed their parent partnership hours by the end of the school year may pay the balance rather than volunteer).
Montessori School of Ruston is an accredited Montessori school serving children from toddler through 8th grade and has a 34-year track record of inspiring amazing work.