Learn More About Our Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarteners have become critical thinkers and problem solvers. They are role models in their community. The opportunity to be a leader in the very place you were once a conscientious observer, is priceless. The Kindergartener now becomes a teacher to their younger peers. As they give presentations and help others, they are building independence and autonomy that is often missed in other educational settings. They complete their year as well-rounded learners ready to take on the most challenging of tasks.
Our Montessori certified teachers are taught to each child where they are and develop each one to their "full potential." The Kindergarten year is when this all comes together. They are confident and able, resilient and ready, and well prepared for first grade and beyond.

Kindergarten students attend school from 8:30am to 2:30pm five days per week. Students must be 5 by September 30 of the current school year to be in the Kindergarten program.
Montessori School of Ruston is an accredited Montessori school serving children from toddler through 8th grade and has a 34-year track record of inspiring amazing work.