Explore MSR

This is a place where children love to learn and learn to love.

From Toddlers to Adolescents, our programs are designed to help children develop to their full potential.
The MSR experience instills a sense of wonder, confidence, curiosity, purposefulness, resilience, adaptability, and empathy. We strive to keep children an active and engaged part of the learning process, maintaining excitement and a love for learning.

At every level, we are all about joyful learning with a sense of purpose to use one's newly acquired knowledge and skills for the greater good. We encourage reflective deep thinkers, relish questions, and foster discovery. Our students work to mastery of concepts with each program building on the next. The MSR experience produces self-learners who think collaboratively and creatively, and who are globally aware, empathetic, and responsible citizens in our world.

Every day at MSR holds a world of new discovery!
Please contact the admissions office or call 318.251.1590 with questions or to schedule a tour.
Montessori School of Ruston is an accredited Montessori school serving children from toddler through 8th grade and has a 34-year track record of inspiring amazing work.